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Who are we

Delicious freshly produced waffles, directly packaged
L'histoire de Dely Wafels
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Our History


DELY Wafels is a family business that has mastered the know-how of frozen waffles for three generations.

DELY Wafels was founded in 2001 by Davy Van Poucke and Ellen Tournois. Through the years, the company grew to a well-known manufacturer of frozen waffles with customers all over the world.
DELY Wafels moved from Eeklo to Mouscron in 2009 to match all the requirements and increased demands of its customers.
A destructive fire in October 2018 demolished the production site in Mouscron and forced the company to relocate once more. DELY Wafels opted to rebuild in Estaimpuis to be able to remain its position as one of the world leaders in the export of frozen Belgian waffles.

The frozen waffle specialist

1980 The date of creation

2017 BRC certified

2009 2009 Establishment in Mouscron

2019 Redevelopment in Estaimpuis

1980 The date of creation
2017 BRC certified
2009 Establishment in Mouscron
2019 New production site in Estaimpuis

The production site

DELY Wafels is BRC+FSMA / IFS higher level certified from spring 2020.
Nouvelle usine Dely Wafels

Since 2019, DELY Wafels has constructed a brand new production facility in Estaimpuis, where we use the most modern technologies, according the highest quality standards!

specialiste des gaufres surgelées
specialiste des gaufres surgelées
specialiste des gaufres surgelées

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